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My Name is Rökker. I am a Century 21 Affiliated Realtor living in Madison, Wisconsin. I have lived in Madison for more than 30 years and specialize in properties in the city’s Northside neighborhoods where I have owned a home for nearly 20 years.


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  • eMail: rokker(at)rokkerrealty.com
  • Website: www.KingOfTheNorthside.com
  • Phone: 608.239.4001
  • Location: Madcity, WI
  • Birthday: November 15th
  • Age: Stop it!
  • College: University of Wisconsin
  • Memberships: WRA, RSCW


I’m a father, husband, home owner, and neighbor. Please feel free to give me a call and we can meet face to face online, telephone, messenger or email. I’d love to talk with you about selling or purchasing a home in Madison.

Other Fun Stuff:
Maxmimum Ink music magazine - I am the publisher and co-founder of Maximum Ink, a local music magazine distributed around Madison and surrounding areas since 1996. Read the archives online

Max Ink Radio - Hosted by Rökker and Jimmy K, this weekly local music show is broadcast in Madison on 92.7 FM every Saturday evening from 6:00 PM to midnight. Listen to the live broadcast and archives online.

Rökker Spirits - I created Rökker Vodka in 2011 and later Rökker Rye Whiskey. Both brands are made in Madison by Yahara Bay Distillers and are available at numerous locations in southcentral Wisconsin. Find locations online.

AtwoodFest-  I am Music Programmer, Stages Manager, and Artist Relations for AtwoodFest, Madison’s favorite Live Music street festival happening annually on the Eastside during the last weekend of July.

Ironplow -  I am drummer for the rock band Ironplow.





Real Estate Services by Rökker

The Northside is a hidden gem among Madison’s vibrant neighborhoods. Quiet, friendly, and parks a plenty. Fantastic restaurants, bustling Farmer’s Market during the summer in the Willy Street Co-op lot, The Mallards semi-pro baseball at Warner Park, Truax Field regional airport, even the Governor’s Mansion! It’s where it’s at!

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There has never been better to buy or sell a home. Buyers enjoy historic lows in interest rates while sellers are able to leverage their equity to build a new future.


Interest Rate for 30 Year, fixed rate mortgage as of 12/31/2020


Percent rise in Wisconsin median home prices to $215,000 in Dec. 2020 as compared to Dec. 2019


Dane County Median Home Price 12/2020


Homes Sold in Dane County in 2020

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